CrowdSwap is the best-price-routing and aggregation protocol for decentralized finance (DeFi). It aims to reach mass adoption in crypto for every human being and overcome actual problems that reside from a fast-growing business space like DeFi.

With decentralized finance (DeFi), the possibilities have increased significantly. Every new project on the launch platforms, e.g., Polkastarter, did amazingly well afterward, sometimes reaching valuations of 100x or even more. In a bull market, everybody wants to trade these tokens that are first available on the decentralized exchanges (DEXes), e.g., Uniswap.

Lately, the popularity of DeFi has created some problems. Network traffic exceeded former expectations, so especially Ethereum had to suffer from high transaction fees. These high transaction costs gave other network providers the chance to step in. With lower prices, they can catch up to Ethereum as the number 1 network. Different chains bring new dimensions of complexity to the DeFi space. Now the number of DEXes not only grows on Ethereum, but it also spreads across all kinds of networks. The majority of users cannot keep track of all DEXes anymore. Not to mention the overhead of transferring their coins and tokens across networks.

The future of DeFi is bright, and CrowdSwap believes in DeFi. We strongly believe that crypto and DeFi should be a place of equality for every human being. That's the reason why we aim to get everybody on board. The mentioned issues are to be solved to make DeFi a place of equality for every human being.

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