Crowd Token

Token Distribution

Tokens are crucial to any project. At CrowdSwap, we have a fixed total supply of 100,000,000 CROWD tokens that fund the CrowdSwap mission.


One of our goals is to bring more people into crypto. The barrier to get involved is increasing as this sector moves forward at a high pace. CrowdSwap not only has an easy-to-use UI for newbies in the space, but we also want to spread knowledge and inform people about unique new possibilities. The marketing portion is well defined to secure our mission. Our fees guarantee that our marketing budget is always healthy.

15% goes into Marketing.*

Business Operational ​

A great effort in many different areas needs to be organized and valued. This part of the distribution secures the functioning of the project.

10% goes into this area.*


Advisors play a significant role in every project. They are the ones who question everything, who are sometimes annoying to no end, and yet have precisely the same goal. They secure the success of the project. At the same time, the advisors push the project through their participation. The performance of the advisors is entitled to a rightful part in the success.

5% of the token distribution will go to our advisors.*


The team has put much time, commitment, and hardship into the project in the past. The team should contribute to the further development of CrowdSwap for as long as possible. The token distribution to the team ensures that CrowdSwap has the happiest team members.

10% of the token distribution is kept for the founding team behind CrowdSwap.*


Sales are divided into pre and public sales.

5% of the token goes into pre-sales for venture capital.**

7,5% of the token will be available in public sales on a launch platform.

** tokens that were not sold during pre-sale go into public sale.


10 million tokens are reserved to provide liquidity on the different networks. Due to the cross-chain approach, we need to provide sufficient liquidity on not only the Ethereum network. Crowd Tokens are utilized to drive the atomic token transfer to other networks.


Development is the heart of CrowdSwap and the place where people implement the project’s goals so that everyone can benefit from it.

25% of the initial token distribution will be spent on development to ensure the CrowdSwap mission.

Governance & Staking

Everybody who is staking more than 5000 CROWD tokens for at least one month is allowed to take part in governance activities that can be subject to various topics. Staking interest is calculated daily on the fee revenue distribution.

CrowdSwap takes 5% of the initial token distribution for its own stake.

Strategic Reserve

Strategic reserve as its name says is kept for opportunities that might arise on the path CrowdSwap is going. We have seen many issues come up that nobody thought about a couple of years before. This sector is moving very fast and the unexpected happens more often than not. But this is not only true for issues, but strategic reserve might also come in handy to fund interesting projects, but that also improves CrowdSwap´s features.

7,5% of the token distribution goes into this area.

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